Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The little worlds that we create!

After writing about the Soft Animators exhibition at Craft ACT Ive been thinking about Ghost patrol and how I didnt give him the attention that he deserves my in last entry... as his work is truly inspiring!

Ghostpatrol (tagname) was born in Hobart and currently works in Melbourne. His work is wide ranging as he draws, sculpts, sews, and creates murals... and in his bio he describes his work as moody, dark, energetic and passionate.
When I saw his diorama world/scape that he created for the show in Canberra I was immediately taken into his little world that is full of odd characters and critters.... as each character had so much energy and love put into their every stitch!

Same can also be said for another favourite artist of mine Yoshitomo Nara from Japan....

I was given a little postcard of Kaputt Pup King {1999} by a good friend...

and as I work at my desk I love catching a little look at it every now and again - as his drawings are so anecdotal, cute and seemingly so simple.... He creates little worlds with which to escape + dream....and that is where the appeal lies. They both create a life size zine or picture book where people want to escape and hide from their crazy realities!

One of my secret longings when I grow up is to create a picure book - possibly for adults- or big kids! And one of my inspirations at the moment, other than these two artists is Shaun Tan.When I was given the Red Tree as a gift last year I remember thinking that this amazing illustrator and storyteller has a true gift for capturing complex emotions through the most beautiful descriptive images...

Shaun 's books need to be on everyones bookshelf...young and old... to marvel at and enjoy!

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