Tuesday, December 6, 2016

the slow lane

Sometimes life asks you to slow down and make things simple.
So simple that you become a three year old ago and start to walk with your head in the clouds.
Or in this case - in the trees.
Cant beat the colours of late Spring - especially when the sky is this blue.
I could dive in...

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

among the whisperings and the stars

One month to go and the invitations for my upcoming solo show have been sent out. 
Its been a busy few months - mainly spent on a well worn track between home and the studio.
Everyday has been different and my feelings on the new work have varied wildly. 
From tortured and uncertain to elated and energised... Ive felt it all.

Thats normal. 

It still makes me laugh that you can love whats youve done one day - and dismiss it the next. 

In the end you just have to make things happen and turn up everyday.
And remember that the opening date has been set. 
And something has to appear on the gallery walls.

These are a few of the new pieces that will be on exhibit at Koskela in Sydney from Saturday 03 September.

And if you are curious to see the rest please come along...

mix media on paper 2016

coil woven installation 2015-16

acrylic on wood 2016 (detail) 

mix media on paper 2016

Among the whisperings & the stars
Solo exhibition of new work
03 September - 02 October 2016
1/85 Dunning Ave Rosebery
instagram @ koskela

Saturday, April 30, 2016

the light

This week I had the privilege of hosting the lovely John Mangila in my studio space to take some photos of me (oh joy!) and my work.

Its always interesting having people over to my second home - and hearing their reactions to my new work and seeing what initially catches their eye. 

John loves using soft natural light in his photography. He loves moody shadows and backgrounds that fade into inky indigo blues. So as soon as he saw me turn on the fluorescent studio lights he immediately asked for them to be turned off. 

And then I saw my work through the soft natural light that filters through the space - and observed every painting, drawing and weaving in a new light. 

How lovely to see things from a new and beautiful perspective...

h 0 v e r .   2 0 1 6

baseline or bottoms up.
you choose!