Friday, December 11, 2009

cut it out!

What a day today!It is so so beautiful outside that I started to forget that it's crazy December and there are a million things to do!!! I mean, really, when its a sunny summers day it is hard to keep track of all the obligations, to-do lists + catch ups that are looming...!

All I can say is... try to take a few minutes out of each day to breath and relax... Sit in a park, take the dog or kiddy for a lovely stroll, or in my case, visit a beach or an art gallery! On Wednesday I took my own advice and went to Gallery 4a in Hay st to see the latest solo exhibition by emerging artist Sangeeta Sandrasegar called 'White Picket Fences in the Clear Light of day Cast Black Lines'....

Yes....a long title for this exhibition...
And not a lot of work on show!

I was alittle surprised, as when I saw her work in the MCA's Primavera Exhibition in 2008, she had blown me away with the high quality of her work and also have much she had on offer in the way of colour and depth...

Ok... maybe im being too picky! She did have two levels of 4A gallery to fill and her work is highly detailed but still... I left alittle disappointed!
The work downstairs consisted of female felt cut out forms that were in varying stages of transmogrification into otherworldly creatures such as mystic snakes. It was interesting but unfortunately it looked very similar to the work of Sally Smart in Melbourne.

These figures were pinned very simply onto the wall as though they were a project in progress... It was only when I saw her work on the second floor that I realised that they acted like a first course in a progressive dinner, and it was the main course upstairs that was the centre piece of the show!

The room was dark, and using spot lights on the floor, Sangeeta had cast large shadowy figures onto the walls, giving her work an extra dimension and depth. Small cast metal cut out figures sat on the floor and when their shadows were cast onto the white walls they stood like a ghostly army - each one carrying a message of peace, protest and hope from within their bellies...

It will be interesting to see how Sangeeta's body of work progresses in the coming years but she is definitely one to watch out for... Especially when she exhibits her true talent for intricately cut out paper works {seen below}...

Untitled no 10, 2007

Untitled no 13 2007 Foil + Paper cutout

But enjoy your weekend and I hope you survive the crazy energy in the air
and find some peace and tranquility !!

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