Thursday, January 21, 2010


Another day another adventure...
Two days in a row!
Thankfully I still had my camera in my bag though, as this one was a surprise!
This morning I had to meet up with residency administration and my studio buddy Angela for a quick debrief as we had all kept missing each other over the Chrissy/new year period.
And it was good catch up with everyone, but funnily enough, it soon turned into a road trip for art supplies with Angela as we jumped in the car and went to Reverse Garbage to have a sticky beak!
I didn't go mad this time; it was too hot inside the building.
I rustled up some wood to paint on but then I found this display of mangled dummies!
And I just had to shoot them...
Why? I have no idea!
Don't they look sad?
Very post-Christmas!

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