Friday, May 21, 2010

sense of place....

I have found my photographer of the year!
These images are absolutely amazing... the colour, the texture, the light,
and most importantly the sense of emotion that they evoke!
The photographer is Stratis Vogiatizis and he is from a tiny island in Greece called Chios.
These images are of the Mastic Villages on Chios, which were deserted many years ago and now sit like memorial to a lost time and place.

Stratis shot these images of the Mastic villages over a two and a half year period, and in 2009 they were published as a book called Inner World.

"My wondering into the inner world of the mastic villages also meant wandering into my own inner world, a dive into the world of memories and history, and at the same time a plunge into into the depths of my own soul" Stratis Vogiatzis

It is as if Stratis is taking a photo album for a people that have long gone. By looking at each and every object, he is capturing something that is quite beautiful; a dialogue with time.

I found these images through the brilliant Pia Bijkerk and her blog Enhance the Everyday.... a blog that I visit often as she also has a love of colour and texture by observing objects, nature, people and places....

This blue space is the best way to finish too!
It is the most intense colour saturation that you can handle in one small image. I could stare at it the whole day as it makes me so calm when I look at it...
I need alittle sense of calm in my day at the moment
as my own 'Sense of Place' exhibition opens in 2 weeks from today!!!
With alot of painting still left to do, im alittle stressed by the minutes ticking away on the clock... I'm finding solace in the sun when it rears its head, in a coffee in the afternoon + looking at images such as this that remind me of the beauty in the everyday.
Vale Mari Funaki
On another note I want to mention my sadness in hearing of the passing of Mari Funaki. I find it difficult to eloquently talk about such an amazing woman from the arts, so I will leave it to the many people of the Australian arts community, with their shared words and condolences on the Gallery Funaki website that you can read and leave a comment on too.
If you would like to visit the Funaki website please click here....
Take care

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missjessm said...

If you like this artists work, you would love William Eggelston. His photography is poetic. A moment in time captured in one frame. I call it the 'ordinary everyday'. Being able to see the beauty in places people don't often look. Creating harmony in a composition that makes you rethink the seemingly banal spaces around you.