Thursday, September 9, 2010

Project Pink

I just had to share this!

Its a project called 8 Colours of Fun and it has been commissioned by Smarties!

As you can guess there are 8 video projects, each one a collaboration between an artist, a kid, and a colour! Ive just watched them all now and each one is so unique; not just because each artist is from a different area of the arts, but because each artist and child communicate in a different + unique way! It was so fascinating...

This video is of Mikala Dwyer (one of my favourite artists') and a boy called Ed and their colour was! It was so interesting to watch their reactions when they discovered they had to work with pink... Mikala was alittle disappointed and thought it was 'girly', while Ed thought it was a happy colour that doesn't have to be about 'girls'!!

I thought it was so lovely to see them create this fun, child-like pink world...

I hope you enjoy it too!

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Corinne said...

Brilliant! What an amazingly cool kid, such a great way at looking at the world.

I was a bit disappointed in Mikala's initial reaction, but it was wonderful to see Ed open her mind and get past the traditional values.

Thanks for sharing!