Tuesday, November 9, 2010

b o d y l i n e s

Confined Spaces, Mixed Media on Wood, 2005

Waiting Game in Blue, Mixed Media on Paper, 2006

The Mean Reds, Mixed Media on Paper, 2006

Hi all my tiny's out there...
Sorry for the break to your regular scheduled programming...
I should have mentioned it earlier but Ive been feeling a little under the weather lately and have been working with my lovely doctors, surgeons and nurses to get things sorted out!
{Hence the missing Monday post!}
It's nothing major major, but what I like to call 'tinkering with the plumbing'!! Ill be fine and dandy and my holiday in a few weeks will do me the world of good!
But in the spirit of where I'm at at the moment,
I thought I would take this opportunity to classify this week as the body week! I realise that I never really focus on images of the figure that I have produced, and the themes that come up when I 'move to the other side' and work realistic representations of the body.
Well... as close to realism as I get!!
I do love my abstraction, my colours, my landscapes - but- that is what I try to bring my drawings and paintings of the body - a sense of there being something underneath the surface.....underneath the skin! A landscape of the body.

These three images above are from a series that I started in 2005 which I called
The Die-Section Series....yes...scary I know. They attempted to talk about my life with Crohns Disease and the issues that I had faced over the 19 years that I have had the illness. Sort of a Frida Kahlo thing... but softer. Well... softer in these images at least! I found that they really helped in getting me to a different place with the disease, a more open and honest place. And funnily enough, the image at the top made it to the finals of the Brett Whitelely prize!
Go figure! {haha!!}
I hope you like my attempt at balancing out the painting spectrum in showing you something different, and as the week goes, on Ill show you more of my work that focuses on the figure!
But there will be colour...always colour!!
Oh and this weeks favourite artwork for the week is also a figurative work!
It's a piece by Karen Kilimnik from New York and isn't it beautiful?!
I love the blue!!

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