Friday, January 21, 2011

a t t a c h m e n t s

Really happy ...
as I put my brushes and oil pastels
down and said good bye to another
commission before it went off into the big wide world
to make a home for itself!
Someone asked me the other day
how it feels to let a new artwork go.
Don't I feel any attachment to it??
I thought about it and said that I was happy
to have had an opportunity to create a work
for someone,
and know that it would forever
have a significant memory attached to it.
For instance...this drawing is about
to be given as a wedding present!
Now THAT is significant
and means so much more to
me than holding onto an artpiece
only to have it sit in my tiny studio
not being shared by anyone...!
And besides...
I now have an image of it
that I can enjoy looking at
AND share
with you!
Have a great weekend...


Corinne – Daze of My Life said...

Love it Shell! Well done! x

Olga said...

I love the abstract pattern of lines and details in your art. It's so sweet that you did that commission as a wedding present.

michele aka the tiny said...

Thanks Rin + Olga! Im glad you both like it! I hope the bride and groom do too!! xx