Monday, January 10, 2011

a tiny mash-up....

Morning morning morning y'all!
Hope you had a great weekend in your part of the globe...?!
I had a good one...
So good that Ive sort of started to forget what happened??
Im blaming old age...!
I know there was a lovely catch up coffee with friends, more sorting out of the studio...and oh yeah... a shift back at Object, which turned into a New Years catch up with my mates at work!!
But now its time to move on...
It is Monday and I'm at the desk...before heading to the studio to turn my attentions to a certain drawing and has a looming deadline with the framers!!
But before all of that I'm trying to wake up my creative mind with the mood boards that surround my computer!
So I thought Id show you what they look like!
I'm calling it....
'Tiny's mash-up' and there is A LOT here!
I wont dissect it all for you...but I hope you can find a few interesting colours, textures + objects....

From my wooden and leaf heart shapes.... a Toile de Jouy postcard from Paris.... a puppy king drawing by Yoshitomo Nara.... a May Gibb's drawing.... a few tiny artwork images...and a photo of my papa and me myself and i at a friends wedding.... oh and a little ladybird clip!

Some of you who have been with me for a while may remember my little yo-yo bag?!
And yes there is a yo-yo inside!!

And then there are a few vintage objects...some Japanese tape...a postcard of Grace Cossington Smith's drawing of the Harbour Bridge that I love....and my framed bottle top lids made from porcelain by miss Honor Freeman...
Yes there are a few things here to inspire!!
Happy Monday to you....
oh and in a Where's Wally kind of way...I am in one of the shots!
You can see my hand reflected in a mirror taking one of these photos! Can you spot me??

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