Friday, February 18, 2011

It's here!
The day in finally here!
After working on all these new pieces
I can finally let you know that the tiny store
has been given a make over...
{with no botox in sight!!}
Ive been slowly making these new pieces
over the last few months,
and i've wanted to show them to you.
But in the end I just thought
that it would be nice to reveal them all
in one go...
and just in time for for start of Autumn.
That's enough chat.
Time to just look.
Hope you like them!
Fowlers Gap, Drawing on Linen

side view, on dirty wall!

Birds + the bees, drawing on paper


Art cards...sold in pack of 3

this is no2

and this is no3...

ta da!

.... and finally....
one little woven bowl.
The others have all gone to Klopper store in Melbourne
to be introduced to the people
down there!
I hope they are on their best behaviour!

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