Wednesday, March 23, 2011

rifling through the files.

How beautiful are these two images?
I was head down, bum out yesterday
in the studio filing cabinet... flicking through
old newspaper clippings, exhibition invite cards,
old drawings and bits n pieces...
when I discovered these two photos from the
SMH newspaper.
And don't they explain colour + pattern
in the purest of ways?!

The image above is from Guatemala in 2005 and the article
talked about how the villages want to attract tourists there again
after 10 years of military dictatorship.
The Mayan craft industries
were trying to display all that is beautiful and creative in small
towns such as this one called Santiago Atitlan...
I would love to own one of these beautiful bedspreads
but they look amazing all together in the place where they were created?
Its like one big painting!

This beautiful shot of red comes from Vietnam.
The sticks are dyed red bamboo that that are drying +
waiting to transformed into incense for the Buddhist temples.
The town is called Ha Tay and it is in the north of the country.

I would love to visit both countries one day..
but for now I can enjoy the inspiration that these two images...

... give me.

Photo credits: Guatemala image from AP/ Rodrigo Abd. Vietnam image from AFP/ Hoang Dinh Nam.

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