Friday, March 11, 2011

time flies...

.... when you're having fun!
And i have just realised
that I have made it to my 300th
posting on this tiny space!!!
I cannot believe it.
I have loved every moment writing, photographing,
reviewing, documenting and walking
through this blog,
that started a couple of years back
when I needed to find a way to
get out into the world while I was
recovering from a big operation.
Thank you ALL who come to visit,
and even comment every now and then.
It means a lot and I hope you enjoy the journey
with me too...

In the spirit of sharing
I thought I would post up a few images
from the cobwebs+laundry studio
{the space under the house}
where I have been diligently working
for the past few weeks,
trying to finish off all my work
before I take a trip on a big jet plane.

Ahhh the pencils...
my favourite weapon of choice!
Although as you can see from the photos today,
all my boxes are open at the moment...
oils, watercolours, acrylics, pastels....

grid it up!

play time...

A very dishevelled mood board!

Favourite shot of the day...
I caught the light
that was so beautiful this afternoon.

inside and out.

The easels done for the day...
with a sneaky bit of pattern in the background
from an old wardrobe that is now my storage cupboard!

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