Tuesday, April 5, 2011

colour blocking...

.... Launceston stylie.

So Kylie and I arrived in Launceston just a little too excited by what we were about to see in Tasmania. We were happy to be travelling, with no clear picture of where we were going to go, and no set plans of what we wanted to see. It was free form, book-and-fly in 24 hours kind of travelling... and we were just excited to be seeing more of this beautiful island. I had been to Tasmania before, but only to Launceston. So it was fitting that we began were I had left off... in this beautiful historic town.

So these are photos from the first day.

And our trip to the Queen Victoria Museum + Gallery.

Window blocking. Looks like a Cy Twombly drawing. Love a good wall scribble.
These are from the old steel foundry that is out the back of the museum complex.

And, boy, did i have fun.

If you've followed this blog for a while you'll know my love of texture and old dry paint!

This reminded me of a Jeffrey Smart painting.

All I needed was a small figure disappearing into the background.

A new day.

A new sunrise.


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