Saturday, May 14, 2011

very busy!

'OK - only two more to do... and then ill be finished!'

These were the words of miss Lily, that at four and a half, has a very busy work schedule...

I went over to a good friends house last night before heading out to dinner, and her gorgeous eldest daughter was busy drawing... while her 'crazy' younger sister {my god-daughter} was charming me with her amazing magic tricks!!
'What are you drawing for me Lil Lil?'

'Well... this is the garden, and this is a rainbow, these are the butterflies, and these are the bitey ants! You have to watch out for those because they bite your feet!'

Oh OK!! Ill be careful...! It was all very serious.

Before leaving for dinner I remembered to take my lovely colourful drawings with me, and this morning I realised that one of them was signed on the back!

Well- that I had to show you!

So cute...

She drew so fast... and with such purpose. Crayons were flying everywhere and she was enjoying herself so much, I was mesmerised. I realised in that moment that I had been missing some of her purpose + her creativity in my drawing time down in the studio.

Lesson learnt!

As fate would have it, I was surrounded by talk of fun, colourful drawings yesterday... as earlier in the day I had been emailing with the lovely Kate from Kinder Gallery and showing her a drawing that I had completed some years ago, that was inspired by children.

This drawings on wood {seen below} is from 2006 and it is called KinDer in Yellow. It's all about intuitive drawing, just as children do. And this design was actually based on an old drawings that I had done when I was in kindergarden!

A drawing that was all about bees!

Next week Ill talk more about Kinder Gallery.... and my exciting new adventure with that lovely gallery!
But for now...
Have a great weekend everyone! x


Corinne – Daze of My Life said...

Love! x

melissa loves said...

Beautiful....they are amazing aren't they? The little ones and their 5 year old is like that too & I love her work so much. :) I want to thank you for your incredibly kind & thoughtful comment on ML, hun. It was MY pleasure posting about your beautiful work & your comment made my day. Truly....keep in touch! I would LOVE to know about any new work of yours!