Thursday, June 9, 2011

in the studio: george plionis

Slack. That is the only word to describe me! I have a confession to make to you and I am sorry to be making it. But the truth of the matter is that I have been withholding information from you. I took these images of George Plionis' studio LAST YEAR, and it has taken me until today to post them up for you... Shame. on. me. I will put myself in the naughty corner for the rest of the day.

But it is true. Last year when visiting George in his studio space at Gaffa Gallery, I asked very nicely if I could try and capture his lovely inner city jewellery studio for you, and he was kind enough to let me snap away.

If you have never heard of George, and been lucky enough to see his amazing jewellery work, then I suggest a visit to his website here before you go any further! George his been making bespoke and production pieces for many many years now, for a loyal following of admirers both in Australia and overseas. I first got to know George when we were the Sunday casuals behind the desk at Object Gallery's Collect Store in The Rocks. And what fun we had! Anyone that knows George, knows that he can talk! And laugh. And has very good taste in music. So it was always a fun few hours...

But enough about the good old days. Time to show you his studio...

This little studio visit was to become part of my In Our Hands creative project that you may have seen here before. {However, if you dot know what I am rabbiting on about, please have a look in the labels to the right of this page, and scan down to the In Our Hands project where you can find the studios of miss Mel Young and Honor Freeman...}
So this post may not be filled with the words of George talking about his creative influences, BUT I had to show you his hands at work in the studio!
The man in an apron.
Some of his loves. A photo of his parents in South Australia, where George is originally from, and a brochure from the Valentino exhibition at The Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane.

The desk. The stuff. The fun!
In his new collections George has focused on intricate silver work, and also on bird motifs, which you can see on his mood board above.

Love the colours and shapes and the neatness! I wish I could be so organised.

The red box of tricks!

I call this mood board... Naughty and nice! Sums up George pretty nicely too...

The rings. George is commissioned to make alot of bespoke wedding and engagement rings, as well as production pieces for his suppliers such as Top 3 by design, Object Gallery, Museum of Sydney and the Courtesy of the Artist in The Strand Arcade.

Love this big black desk lamp. So imposing on a tiny space... but helpful when your studio does not have a window!

The tools and the silver dust.

And what would a studio visit be without a cheeky smile to the camera! Say cheese Mr Georgie!
Thank you for letting us drop in and say hi ho...

I hope you have enjoyed having a wee look inside another working studio. And, again, if you would like to see more of Georges' work, please take a look at his beautiful website.

See you soon...

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