Thursday, July 7, 2011

y e s t e r d a y

Ohhhh tough! I have sooo many favourite artists’ that it would tricky to narrow it down! Cy Twombly’s studio in Italy would be amazing to see and breathe in… Also in Europe, I would have loved to have met Sonia Delaunay and seen her space covered textures, colours, and patterns! Oh and then there is Elizabeth Cummings in the bush, Robert Rauschenberg in New York… Geez when would you like me to stop?!

Yesterday I wrote this.
The question was 'If you could peek inside the studio of any artist, dead or alive, who would it be?'. It was for an artist profile that I had been asked to fill out for The Breathing Colours Gallery Blog {Ill let you know when they post it up on their space..} 
I had a hard time answering this question actually, as I am a complete art nut - something you already know by now!! I have many many artists' that I admire. To visit, and see how an artist creates, dreams, and thinks in a space is always a dream assignment for me.... So I had to think long and hard in order to narrow down my very long list. 
But there is never any decision to make when it comes to the top spot. 
There is always one name. 
Cy Twombly. And today I found out that he has just passed away. 
A little while ago I wrote about visiting MONA in Hobart and how the whole experience was like art crack, an art experience so mind blowing and (art) life changing that it made my head literally spin. Well, when I had the absolute privilege of visiting the Venice Biennale in 2001 and seeing the Cy Twombly retrospective, I had a very similar experience. This is me at that exhibition {image at the top}, surrounded by  Cy's massive oil paintings. I could have stayed in there soaking them up for hours. I think I did! My mate Georgia left me in there and went exploring in another halls and I caught up with her later!
The art world will miss him. But his oeuvre.... and love of colour and mark-making will live on. 
I would love to visit his studio in Italy someday.... 
He is still at the top of the list. 
But now there is just one difference. 

Cy Twombly
(1923 - 2011)

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