Monday, August 8, 2011

pure + general

Hello everyone and hello to another Monday and the second week of August. AUGUST! Crazy pants... I cannot believe we are on the home stretch with regards to Winter. And if last weeks happy sunny weather is anything to go by its going to be a beautiful start to Spring... the happiest time of the year! Well to me it is. Boy, do I sound very Disney today or what?!

With a new month comes new magazines and this new edition by Inside Out is a good one. There is a lot of colour, alot of texture, and a brilliant feature on the home of Pure + General's Linda Gregoriou.... Perfect timing too as I had recently visited this amazingly beautiful store and walked out wondering what Linda's home looked like! Now I'm very Disney AND a big sticky beak!!

Anyway Pure + General located on Brougham Street Potts Point {which is right near the Coca Cola sign in Kings Cross} is the brainchild of Linda who decided it was high time Sydney had a store that felt, and looked like the inside of a world traveller's suitcase... and it does indeed! This white industrial store, created by architect Dale Jones-Evans, is the simple frame for Linda to hang the assortment of furniture, soft furnishings, and eclectic objects she has sourced from  countries such as Japan, Morocco, India, France, and Australia's indigenous red centre...

This living room says it all really, a true reflection of Linda's aesthetic for the store. The green walls and the red textile rug work so so well, giving the space the perfect grounding  for all the objects to pop and shine...

This is Linda here on her staircase, above, looking as colourful as her space.
She definitely wears her style on her sleeve....

The old French wall cabinet in this shot was one of my favourite pieces from Pure + General. The chipped cream paint and little wooden draws are so lovely and so simple, creating a textural and functional impression on the wall that is somewhere in-between an artwork and a piece of furniture. 
Below is Linda's amazing collection of woven bags which you can find in the store too. Many are from indigenous art communities in Australia which Linda loves to promote as they are functional and autobiographical: 
Artisan, hand-made pieces have a story, and the essence of the person in them, which makes them more fascinating. 
Like any artwork, you are investing in the artist and their art practice, and that is always a good thing...

Thank you Inside Out, and Linda, for giving us a sneak peak into a world that is definitely inspirational for me! If I cant travel to all these places, at least I can take a small sample of their creative aesthetic home with me!! World traveller mash up is my type of style inspiration... always and forever!

Inside Out Sept/Oct 2011. 
Styling: Tami Christiansen 
Photography: Tony Amos 
Words: Stephanie Epiro 
Pure+ General 
114 Brougham St 
Potts Point 

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