Wednesday, September 21, 2011

red red red

Some days you are just lucky. And I'm not taking about winning the jackpot kind of lucky. I'm talking about those days when everything seems to go your way and it feels like their is a tiny angel sitting on your shoulder. And the great thing is  - you never know when those moment  are going to happen. They just do.... and you sit down at the end of the day and say to yourself...'boy - how did I pull all that off?! What a day! That felt like magic.'

That kind of luck happened to me a couple of weeks ago when everything I did seemed to work out. I had a great drive into the city, found not one, but two, amazing free parking spots (which NEVER happens in the inner city!), I scored a free coffee at one of my favourite cafes, visited a great fabric score that I rarely got to as I didn't drive (that was until now....yee yaa!), and I also caught an exhibition on its second last day.... ALL on the same day!
And none of it was planned... 

Like these red photos taken in Surry Hills on the same day! I just happened to have my camera on me and all these great photos just found me... all in the space of.... say 10 minutes! And I love all these shots for their colour, texture, sense of nostalgia (in the case of the Vespa parked outside of a 60s building) and their sense of place... 
Lucky indeed!

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