Friday, October 28, 2011

in blue light

Sione Falemaka teaching his final workshop for Happy Talk 2011

Organiser extraordinaire Hahna beading away

Two of the most dedicated workshop people you will ever meet.
These lovely two people participated in nearly every Happy Talk event. Where are the medals?

Co founder Heidi having a go at making a woven head band

Sione in teaching mode... Dont you love his Lei and headpiece? 

And so Happy Talk bids a final farewell to Hyde Park and the city of Sydney,  and to finish I thought it would be lovely to feature a few portrait shots that I took on the final workshop day, as it is people that really made the whole project so special. The heart and soul .... 

None of these amazing community projects could ever happen without the dedication and hard work of a few amazing people who believe so passionately about giving the wider public the opportunity to learn, play and participate in art and cultural activities that are so worth while and important to the art world... and city itself.

I can only imagine how dull, colourless and boring the world would be without people like Sione who share their creative knowledge and fantastic laugh with all the curious types who come to play! 
I only wish I knew how to record the voices and laughter from these workshops.... 
Oh well.... at least I can give you the colour! 

The wrap up. 

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