Sunday, October 2, 2011

a special invitation.

wedding invitation designed by Matt Grainger...with illustration by me!

I cant quite believe that its finally here. 
My little (well not that little) brother is gettin hitched. 
It's funny when life suddenly sees you doing all things big adulty things...
Big things like get married, have kids, buy a property... 
Geez - I'm amazed when I do my tax return and drive myself to the other side of the city! 

I find that big events can become even bigger when they happen to your brother or sister as you're happy, but amazed that time has already marched on to that point where you are marking such special moments! Where DID the time go??? 

But THAT day is here... and a few months ago I was lovingly asked to help with the wedding invitation. I had never been given a brief such as this so I wasn't sure how it was all going to turn out. My  soon-to-be-sister in law Kym asked if I would do a drawing for the invite that was not too prissy, cute, overtly feminine or too soft. Well that's no problem... my work is usually colourful, playful, non gender specific. 
But what to draw? A landscape? A portrait? No -  it has to be something more symbolic. 
It had to be birds.... 
Two birds that mirrored each other and stood tall as a couple... but on closer inspection were individual characters. 

And so this little illustration was born. 

Once I had the approval from the clients it was then worked into the invite by my brother's good friend Matt who is a graphic designer. Matt was great at finding the balance of what needed to be included, but also how to make the whole thing very personalised, as you see many wedding invites out there that are very generic. So it was great to see the the drawing start to become part of a project that spoke about Andrew and Kym, and not just about the wedding itself.

I really enjoyed this tiny project. 
But more importantly I'm looking forward to the day itself, when we can all celebrate and enjoy another big moment in my little brother life... awwww


Creating the 'Big Picture' said...

beautiful Michele!

Corinne – Daze of My Life said...

I was blown away when I saw it! It's def one of the most impressive invites I've ever seen.

I'm also looking forward to the big day. It shall be grand! xx