Wednesday, October 19, 2011

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From town to beach 2011

When I go up to Belongil I know that I am escaping to the beach, as there is literally a beach, a river, a cafe and a few places to lay your head. To do anything else you have to walk into town. And that town is Byron bay, a place that many people across the globe have heard of, or visited. I have seen it change a lot in the 16 or so years that I have known it. And in that time I have become less attached to the town-y allures, and more entranced by the beauty + nature of Belongil. 

That is where you will find my beach towel.

But when I take my camera for a walk into Byron I always find images that tell a story of the place that contrasts nicely with all sand and sea. 
Hope you like the contrast too...

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