Tuesday, November 15, 2011

signed...sealed... delivered

Im yours! I love that Stevie Wonder song! Stevie's songs are always on rotation on the ol' ipod... If you have been with me on tinytrappings for a while now you might know that I love love love music. If you are wondering what type of music... listen to one of Gilles Peterson's radio shows on BBC Radio One and you'll get the idea... Jazz...soul...breakbeat...funk... it's all there.
But what has that got to do with my new woven bowls? 
Well - nothing really. 
I just signed, sealed and delivered them to Breathing Colours Gallery today. And that song jumped into my head. 
All of these new works are destined for the gallery floor... all ready for the very organised people who are scouting for Christmas gifts! 
That's not me though...
I'm still catching up with whats been happening in the last week!

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