Tuesday, January 3, 2012

memories of 2011... pt 4

Alenka + Justi's Sydney flat, March 2011

Home is where the heart is...
I truly believe that saying. 

This past year it was a pleasure to be invited into some beautiful homes... to visit, to play and in some cases, to stay.  I find inspiration in many places and spaces, but there is something to be said for finding that inspiration in someone's home, a space they call their own and feel comfortable in.  

A home can reflect someone's true inner personality; a personality that may be protected or hidden from the world. It may never be seen in their wardrobe, in their choice of car, or in their speech. But when you go into someone's home you maybe surprised to learn that they love colour, quirky objects and furniture, or, in the case of Alenka and Justi, harbour a secret passion for fluorescent pineapples!

I love being invited to photograph these private worlds.  
It is a privilege, an honour... and worth collecting into one dedicated retrospective post! 
I hope you enjoy...

Another view of their amazingly colourful living room... March 2011

A wall of colour... with an amazing Calder-esque black mobile hanging from the ceiling...

My living space after a colour clean up!... January 2011

a tiny pocket of space...reserved for a collection of odds and ends... January 2011

Caroline + Joshs' Dubbo weatherboard house, November 2011

Art and laundry... hand in hand... November 2011

A living space reserved for objects that hold a past, or potential future memory for the family... November 2011

A hallway view... November 2011

light switch art... November 2011

And finally we come to the beautiful, sustainable house created by Helen + John for their family...
Megalong Valley, November 2011

a beautiful, quiet stairwell space... November 2011

Kitchen colour and texture in the form of withered flowers... November 2011

1 comment:

Alenka said...

hehehe it is a nice surprise to see people's spaces and I love that feeling of being inspired by them too..!

Love the other spaces you'v eput up on here too, all the little details.. and especially the art in the laundry!

Have to have you around again soon, our place has been all changed around (making way for more toddler furniture and toys!) and the wall of colour has been rearranged.. so much fun working out which colours would work well with others.. ahh if only a colour-coding book organiser was a profession.. see you tonight gorgeous xxx