Friday, January 20, 2012

nature : two ways

Petersham, Sydney 2011

Im baaack! 
And I have to say that it feels as though I have been away for a month rather than four days! It's amazing when that happens... and I think it was because it was a busy trip, full of sight seeing, meetings, exhibitions and driving! 
Can you tell that im tired today?!
Another reason it feels like Ive been away a month rather than a mere moment is the fact that I moved from what you see above.... to what you see below... in one day! On Monday I loaded my bag and myself into a friends car and headed down the highway to Canberra... and more specifically, Mount Stromlo for a field trip! 
Mel had some research to do... and I was along for the ride!

Mount Stromlo, ACT 2011
While away, and looking at my photos, I realised the massive contrast I had seen. From the grit and grim of the urban streets, to the dust and muddy waters of the bush, and how plantlife grew and adapted in this type of comparative way, through the pixelated images on my camera.
So in this post I though I would look at nature two ways...
In a city v country mash up!

Who won?
I think it was a tie.

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