Sunday, February 26, 2012

pattern on my mind

Chill out bar at Outpost street festival 2011

Patterns are EVERYWHERE.
Maybe we are all looking for some sort of mad and kooky way to brighten up our weeks that seem to be very gloomy, very serious and very sober at the moment? Could be.
In the Feb fashion weeks that have been happening in New York, London, Milan and Paris there seems to be a huge amount of pattern... just look at Prada for Fall 2012.
Im totally into creating many patterns for my latest drawings... and im revisiting some of my old images and artworks for inspiration. 
Yesterday I remembered this photo of a mural that was created as a feature wall in a Pop Up bar for the Outpost Festival at Cockatoo Island last November. 
Brilliant... oh yeah.

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missjessm said...

WOW! Just as I recieved the RSS feed of this blog post, I was researching pattern design for my lesson tomorrow morning that I am doing with Visual Design. Wacky! x