Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The crafting table sessions...volume 1

Old and new friends on the table for a serious craft session on a beautiful
Easter Monday afternoon...

When people plan to catch up these days it usually involves a pub, a plethora of food and drinks, and 50 million texts and emails sent out weeks in advance to round up the troupes and make it happen. And in amongst all of that there are cancellations, changes of date and time, organisation of a babysitter... and and and... 

In other words nothing is simple. And nothing can be taken for granted. I guess its a sign of getting older and having busier lives with more people to reign in. Sort of makes me sad some times as I still remember the good old days (yes - I am that old), when things were as simple as walking outside your door and calling out to all your friends in the neighbourhood and saying... 'Hey, who wants to come over and play?'

Well.... on Easter Monday that's exactly what happened. Old friends and new got together and played. On a BIG table with lots of paper, mt tape, glue, scissors and everything art related that we could fit in our hands and cars. The table was completely covered! And it was brilliant. 

We have never tried to organise a craft-a-noon before. 
But I hope we try again soon. 
We all made some amazing stuff... with lots of colour, texture and a little bit of shine... thanks to Soph and her stash of left over wedding paper. 

Soph surrounded by a sea of materials, ready to be played with...

Before we knew it, we were talkin up a storm, listening to some tunes AND makin a mess...

Our host Kylies beautiful garden, complete with a big table for sitting and eating!

Did I mention multiple cups-o-tea and homemade treats?
Oh yes- we had it all set out in an old fashioned afternoon tea stylie -
complete with an antique fly net to safe the goodies from the garden insects...
Gotta love it!
If you're going to do it, do it right I say!
And the treats were delicious... just in case you were wondering.


Alenka said...

Oh here you all are! What fun it looks like you had! Hope to join in the next one :-) xxx

michele aka the tiny said...

definitely lady! you're on! Was too much fun... and delicious too xx