Monday, April 30, 2012

gettin' happy while gettin' creative!

I know (Man with the Whale Balloon), 2005, Mix Media Drawing 

For a while now Ive been quietly working away on some workshops and teaching a few tiny art classes for children and adults like, as it seems to be the the perfect time to share some creative love in the community. 

Art seems to be a precious commodity at the moment, and for many its the last thing they are thinking about! You know that saying 'Time is money and money is time'? Well, when it comes to playing, having fun with colour, and sharing some art knowledge, money and time seem to be getting in the way....

And its a shame. In a time where many great things can be experienced for little money and time, it seems only fitting that art activities take centre stage and be a tool in making people happy, creative and... a big kid! 

So with that in mind, Jess from Breathing Colours gallery in Balmain, Kate Holcombe and I have put together something big, something fun and something colourful. And this drawing has become the poster for it all! 

For one week in July, Breathing Colours will host a Winter Workshop Festival for Kids. And we have just started accepting proposal from artists, musicians, designers and crafters who would like to be part of it all and conduct a class...

The application process and details of the festival can be found on the Breathing Colours blog and i hope many of you will be interested in having some fun. Its all about creating hour long classes for kids of all ages, and the more creative your ideas the better.

If you have an idea for reusing and up-cycling materials we would love to hear from you too! Go wild and go bold as there is nothing better than being a big kid and having fun with a group of eager faces and tiny hands!!

Click here for the Breathing Colours blog and get applying! 
Submissions close on May 11.


Corinne – Daze of My Life said...

I don't know any artists who could join in, but I do know some kids who would LOVE to be part of it! xx

Olenka F Jararweh said...

Such a wonderful initiation, and lovely to see the balloon man here on the invitation. So colourful and happy, I recognised him immediately! I definitely have some ideas flowing... xxx