Monday, May 7, 2012

On the bookshelf : David Hockney

So its been a busy few weeks... and I am in the thick of it now in the Cobwebs and Laundry studio {aka the space underneath the house}. The drawing phase has ended and the large works have begun. Oil paints and brushes have been added to the list of art supplies on the desk, and im slowly moving my ideas onto the big, white wooden boards that have been staring at me and asking to me to 'get sorted, and get moving'!

Time is indeed ticking down. Before I know it, it will be June and I will need to have these works nearly completed. EEEEEK! Ok - Im only allowing myself one exclamation mark and that was it...

Moving on.
Today is all about one thing.
MY NEW BOOK. It arrived a little while ago and I am in love. This new publication of David Hockney focuses on his love of landscape, and more specifically, his last decade of work on the subject.

When David moved back to England, after living in California for most of his life, he found that the Yorkshire countryside was indeed beautiful, nostalgic but also ripe for reinvention. So that what he did. Reinvent the English countryside in big bold shocking colours, on big big BIG canvas'. Two concepts that are very American but not terribly English.

Some of these new works carry a political message, some talk of urbanisation, and some talk of new technology, such as his series of ipad drawings. However, what they all do is beautifully illustrate why Hockney is such a magician when it comes to light and colour.
And that is what I find inspirational.

The only thing better than having this book would be to have it while strolling through his massive exhibition at The Royal Academy in London. Now that would be the icing on the cake.

But sadly this exhibition has now moved on and is showing in Bilbao.
And even sadder is that Im a 24 hour flight away.
Anyone in Europe want to give me their review of the show?
Id love to hear it...

David Hockney's A bigger Picture. And it is big, bold and heavy!

Love the full scale images that perfectly capture the colour in his paintings.

The sketches, diary drawings and small works are all seen and given exposure...
something that can get neglected when the focus is on large scale paintings

Love the hand written details...

And the double page, full colour reproductions of these amazing paintings.
I mean - look at all the patterns...

Had to finish on one of my favourite works.
And isnt it lovely to be able to see a version of this work, in all its large scale glory at the National Gallery in Canberra! Who would have thought?

David Hockney : A bigger Picture
Curation & Forward Essays by Marco Livingstone + Edith Devaney
Published by Abrams NY
ISBN: 978 - 1 - 4179 - 0280 - 8

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