Friday, June 15, 2012

winter wanderings... side a)

Winter light... on a Sydney scape... June 2012

So.... in my last post I talked about embracing the brrrrrr... 
And the best way I know how -
is to go on a Winter boot-camp session.
Instead of hugging a heater im going to take myself on long walks around my hood! 
Feel invigorated! 
Breathe in the cold air, enjoy the fresh vibe of the Winter breeze, and stomp in every puddle that I come across! 
{Am I convincing you yet?}

Seriously though... I am a firm believer in embracing the things that you find a challenge. 
And for me that means working on a way for Winter... and me... to coexist. 
And as I good friend of mine in Edinburgh said to me this week : 
'An Australian Winter is a Scottish Summer. So get over yourself!'
Point taken.

So this week I decided to try and clear my thoughts and go for a tiny bush walk...
And it was truly beautiful. The rain had stopped, the Sun came out, and for a brief moment I was able to forget everything - including my exhibition install  this weekend... eep. 
It's all happening....

Love the soft light in this shot....

And I love the markings and textures of the Swiggly bark Gum tree...

And as usual... its all in the tiny details.

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