Tuesday, July 24, 2012

rewinding the tape...

A few more images from the Storybook Bunting workshop at Object Gallery in June 2012
As I was saying yesterday -
Its time to get back into some familiar and fun routines
That I have been missing in the last few weeks
Due to a life that has been busy beyond belief.
My mind, body and spirit have been yearning for some rest.
So on this gloomy grey and wet Winters day
it seemed like the right time to take a time out
and a well deserved break!

A little bit of neon and metallic accents always make me happy...

While catching up with some lovely friends this morning 
we all got talking about workshops and fun projects that were happening all around town at the moment. 
And two of us realised that we were in sync with some bunting designs we were completing. 
So I thought I would share a few more images from the bunting workshop that I taught at Object Gallery a few weeks ago.
I hope all you folk in Sydney enjoy this shot of colour and texture on this cold winters day...

1 comment:

Alenka said...

Thanks for sharing more pics of your gorgeous bunting workshop! So beautiful!! Loved catching up with you and the other Lenky xxx