Wednesday, August 1, 2012

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Opening of Echo, An exhibition of ceramics and glass by South Australian artists'
Honor Freeman and Wendy Fairclough at Sabbia Gallery, Sydney.
Here they are being introduced by Anna Grigson, co-director and co-owner of Sabbia Gallery.

Im not sure if I want to say too much about this exhibition. 
I think the images speak for themselves. 
Well I HOPE they do, as this is one of the best exhibitions I have seen this year. 

Its been three years in the making but well worth the wait, as Sabbia Gallery can finally present  the new work of Honor Freeman and Wendy Fairclough, two Australian artists' who have the Midas touch when working with the tricky materials of porcelain and glass. 

Both artists have focused on the subject of domesticity for this show, creating life-like representations of everyday objects such as preserving jars, buckets, and balls of sewing thread. Even food items like lemons and sticks of butter make an appearance with whimsical titles such as 'When Life hands you Lemons' and 'Which side is your bread buttered'.... 

I loved quietly walking around each piece and studying the way Honor and Wendy have delicately created artworks that trick the eye and the mind....and make you smile.

It was great to catch the opening and have the opportunity to hear how each of them worked on their new series, and how they worked together on such a mammoth project. A project that sits beautifully in Sabbia Gallery, a gallery that seems to be the last bastion for contemporary craft and design in Sydney.

If youre in town I would high recommend a trip to Sabbia to see this amazing show.
But if you're not within reach of the city I hope you enjoy these photos that I was able to take on the opening day... Enjoy!

Two cheeky faces!
Honor and Wendy answering questions from the audience about their new work...

Honor Freeman, Every Cloud has a silver lining Study II, 2012. Hand built and slipcast porcelain.
In this piece you could see the beautiful way Honor has played with liquid metal... a highly
toxic material to work with, but so alluring and shiny...

Wendy Fairclough, Order, 2012, Cast lead crystal

Honor Freeman, Flood Tide, 2012, wheel thrown & hand built porcelain

The colourful glass work of Wendy Fairclough, with her work, Compose 2012, in the foreground.

Honor Freeman, Scrub Landscape, 2012, Wheel thrown, hand built & slipcast porcelain.
This was one of my favourite pieces.
In the back ground is Honor's piece, Which side is your bread buttered, 2012, hand built porcelain.

Wendy Fairclough, Shelter, 2012, Cast lead crystal

Honor Freeman, When Life Hands you Lemons, 2012, Slip cast and hand built porcelain.

Honor Freeman + Wendy Fairclough
Sabbia Gallery, Sydney
25 July - 18 August 2012

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