Tuesday, August 21, 2012

makin a mark!

Make your Mark, the 6th Annual Object Gallery Staff exhibition

Boy - it feels like a year since Ive spoken to you. I know - its only been just over a week, but I have so so many blog posts in my head - filled with lots of stories and photos from the past few weeks that Id love to share with you. 

Anyone else noticed how fast time is flying at the moment? July and August seem to have merged into one month for me and I cant get my head around the notion of September. At the moment Im being asked what Im up to for my birthday which happens on the second week of September, and Ive started to look at them blankly and think theyre joking, as Im trying to get over the fact that its AUGUST!!

That's why my first post back had to be about the brilliant group exhibition that is on now at Breathing Colours Gallery. The opening was last Saturday and it finishes this Saturday!!! So you have to get in quick if you would like to catch this one.... 

Make your Mark is a group exhibition that we try to organise every year for past and present Object Gallery staff. Before we started this concept 6 years ago, I had no idea how amazingly talented some of these people were!! I knew they were lovely people, but I had no idea they were amazing photographers, ceramicists, or jewellers! 
Sad but true... 
So its been great to come together like this every year and catch up with what's been happening in each others lives, and in each others artwork.

For this years show 20 artists' put up their hand to exhibit one work of art, with the materials of their choice. The only proviso was that it had to fit within the size of an A4 piece of paper... So a little tricky, but manageable for those with only a tiny bit of time in the studio.

Michele Morcos, Harbour Play, 2012, mixed media on paper

I loved the title of this year.... as... well...Im a mark marker! 
But what kind of mark did I want to make??? I knew I wanted to make a mark that was colourful.... textural... and not too serious.
And I wanted to reflect the new series of works that I had just completed for the solo show...
So I looked to a few of my recent pieces....

Michele Morcos, Chiaroscuro, 2012, mixed media diptych on wood

And then gave it a bit of a twist.
With...the addition of a massive colourful pom pom! 
Yes - a little bit mad. A little bit odd. 

Michele Morcos, O N E, 2012, mixed media on wood with detachable woollen pom pom

But fun... and a little new. 

And that's what this annual show is all about. Having fun! 
So I hope this little works reflects that spirit in some small... furry... fun way?!

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