Wednesday, September 26, 2012

botanical printmaking workshop....

Printmaking with Botanicals!
My new children's workshop -
happening at Koskela on the 3rd October!

New week - and Im knee deep in paint! 
Seriously... I no lie!
Last week was all civilised - as I completed a tissue paper installation for the ceiling of The Pop Up (which you can see in the workshop images in the last two posts).... and I played with wool, raffia and recycled materials for the weaving workshop on Sunday. 

But now im switching tac.
And going back to some familiar loves.
One of which is a new painting project, which is exciting, but a little too new to be sharing right now... 

What I can share with you today though, is all the information for a brand new children's workshop that Im giving next week at Koskela - which is part of their school holidays program of print making workshops - that ties in with their latest exhibition, Rituals: the art of the letterpress, and with Sydney's Art + About festival which happens every October. 

Art + About is a brilliant arts event that showcases many forms of art making, in many forgotten parts of the inner city, such as lane ways, parks, and all spaces in between... 

So its been lovely to have been asked to participate with a printmaking workshop at Koskela and Im hoping that you may know a tiny person that might like to come along and have some fun with paint, foliage, rollers and rolls of paper on the floor! 

It will be held next Wednesday 3rd October and all the details can be found here on Koskela's website, along with all the other amazing workshops that will be happening next week, with people such as Benja Harney and Kate Banazi...

Should be a great week!
No - a fun week!

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