Monday, October 29, 2012

going abstract @ the pop up painting workshop

So many materials.... so little time!
 Realism to Abstraction painting workshop, October 2012

At this end of the big table, Meghan, Cecilia and Julia were getting busy with the watercolours...

Hi everyone....
Happy new week to you. 
I hope you had a great weekend? 

I sure did. 
Saturday was a bright and sunny Sydney day and I had set up The Pop Up with as many art materials as I could, in readiness for all the lovely people who came along to the sold out Realism to Abstraction painting workshop. 

I wanted everyone to feel like they had a lot of choice in what they worked with, and what they created on the day. And boy - did they create - with some amazing images materialising before my very eyes, within two short hours! 

From the table to the floor, the place was a hive of activity and experimentation, and it was really interesting to see how everyone's own unique style came to light so quickly. 

Everybody's starting point was unique, so it was great to see each artwork unfold - with a few great conversations and laughs in between! 
Of course...

It was a full table - and everyone was working in their own style,
using all sorts of drawing and painting materials.... which was brilliant!

Julia was creating this amazing collage artwork using a vase of flowers as inspiration,
Cecilia was translating marks and colours from a landscape image into a dot abstraction....
and Alison in the background was concentrating on colour with a paintbrush in hand.

Down this end of the table Tina and David were creating beautiful abstract drawings
using urban landscapes, and graphic shading as inspiration...

Josephine, who has come along to many of my workshops,
 found a nice quiet spot in the pop up to explore and experiment
with colour and texture with paper...

On the floor - Alenka spread out the materials and large pieces of paper....
and just went for it - which was so great!

The table... filled with so many lovely people.
Tina, David, Maureen, Esther, Meghan, Cecilia, Julia and Alison...
all getting there hands dirty!

I loved that Alison and Alenka worked on the floor.
So great to see so much colour... I just wish I could have let loose too!

Thank you to the lovely Cecilia for the suggestion of this workshop.
I hope everyone enjoyed letting their mind be free in order to play, create and have fun?!

I loved it and im so glad there is another one of these workshops on The Pop Up schedule for November...
As I want to do it all over again.
{haha... Im such a big kid!}


Alenka said...

Oh sweet Tiny, it was truly an awesome afternoon and I did feel so completely free and happy after being able to let loose and with your fantastic guidance and warm up excercises!! We're such lucky people to have you running amazing workshops and inspiring us through many, many channels!

p.s my matey Anna and I would love to have a mini abstract painting workshop with you and 2 more friends to participate if you'd be interested and have time?!


Cecilia Kwok said...

Thank you Michele for the wonderful workshop! We all enjoyed it thoroughly and I am inspired to paint again! Cecilia x