Friday, October 19, 2012

k i t c h e n a l i a

Kitchenalia found on the bookshelf in Honor's ceramic studio, October 2012

Its true.
We all have our little secrets.
Things that we like to keep to ourselves -
Little pleasures that remain hidden from the world
That are very rarely spoken about.

If we dig a little we can find the most amazing pieces of information about our friends and family. 
Things that we would have never have guessed at. 
So what is one of my little pleasures? 
Well - I know on this blog Ive spoken about my love affair of magazines throughout the years. 
But - lets face it - that's not ground-braking stuff.
Ummmm lets see....

At the moment I have to admit to the fact that I love sitting in my lounge room... late at night... and watching crappy tv while eating out of a tub of ice cream - no bowl necessary! 
I was never really into ice cream until recently. And now this tiny little ritual has developed into a daily, or nightly, occurrence! Why? Just because!

Speaking of food and kitchens.
While I was away and visiting a good friend of mine and her family, I noticed that throughout their house and art studio there was a clear theme. 
That of kitchenalia.

Most of Honor's latest body of work is all about the quiet moments spent in the kitchen... 
And as you can see from these shots, Honor has captured these kitchen objects in porcelain - adding another layer to their beauty. 
I loved trying to take a close up view of these beautiful pieces of porcelain .. as the tiny details found on the surface of each piece were so amazing.
Take a look...

Honor Freeman's layers of work... all in various stages of production in her home studio.

Can you believe those lemons are in porcelain?
So so beautiful.
Thank you for the tiny tour Honor x

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Olenka FJ said...

this post made me giggle! fabulous work in progress by miss honor xxx