Thursday, October 4, 2012

up a stool...

Yep. That's me.
On a tiny stool... in my painting shirt...with a brush in my hand!

After I made them I had to take a photo...
before they were put on the ceiling!

Bits n pieces everywhere!

On the left you can see a beautiful neck piece made for me by the lovely Olenka...
In some of my fav colours!

The lavender is out...

Detail, Chiaroscuro, diptych drawing on wood, 2012

These are just a few more shots from The Pop Up Space... 
And speaking of which I have to mention that the new October dates for the workshops have been set!

The next Weaving Workshop will be on Saturday October 20, 11-1pm.
And due to a few lovely requests, I will be running a new mixed media workshop for anyone who would like to learn how to break down a realistic image and create an abstract work of art. 
Its called From Realism to Abstraction and it will be held at The Pop Up Shop in Crows Nest on Saturday 27th October, 11-1pm. Im really looking forward to a fun class filled with lots of colour, movement and action! Yes - action! 

As Christmas is rapidly approaching this next few classes will be the last ones for the year. And   possibly the last ones for me in the Pop Up shop! Boo Hoo... so sad!
So if you are keen to know more, or would like to put your name on the list, please email me at 

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Olenka FJ said...

Love the teeny stool (teehee) and pops of colourful detail- looking great! It's no wonder you are in there and enjoying the space so much, you've successfully made it your own :)