Thursday, November 15, 2012

blue denim

La Belle Epoch, Mix Media on Paper (framed), 2012

Its Thursday.
And I feel like Ive been glued to my couch! Oh - and working! Trust me!
Ive completed two new woven forms, that were on deadline for the opening of Object Galley's Christmas Pop Up store on Friday.

Ive already shown you the first one, entitled Circus
So, today its all about moody blues, and the unveiling of the second woven bowl that is a patterned raffia piece entitled Denim Waters...

So to stick on that theme I thought Id show you a few other moody water drawings that I completed earlier this year for the solo show. 

Maybe im just dreaming of the day when the weather will decide to turn warm and sunny.... 
And perfect for a dip in the beautiful blue sea?


Shadow Play, Mixed Media drawing on paper (framed), 2012

The pond above and below, Mixed media on paper, 2012
Denim Waters, Raffia and Mohair wool woven bowl, 2012

Denim Waters 2012

If you would like to see this new piece up close and personal, Ive just dropped it off at Object Gallery for their Christmas pop up shop which opens on Friday, along with their amazing new exhibition
 'Life in your Hands : Art from Solastalgia' ....

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