Thursday, February 14, 2013

p u z z l e s

Colour Puzzle...  from a pile of milk crates in a carpark.

What's small, arty and has a puzzled look on its face?
Ah - that would be me.
Im in research mode at the moment, as life has gifted me a beautiful studio to play in and no deadlines to work towards. 
Normally at this point id be rushing to enter art prizes, residencies and grants, so I would feel like I had my hand in the game. But not this time. This time Ive decided to give my brain and emotions a break from that roller-coaster ride, so I can spend some quality time researching, playing, observing and experimenting. 
And so far Im loving every single moment of it. 

I love surrounding myself with sketches, books and photos, and then trying new things in the studio that will lead me to something new. 
These images are a collection of ideas and experiments from the last few weeks, that Ive been thinking about.
Can you see any patterns emerging yet?

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