Thursday, March 7, 2013

thimbles + threads

Colour.... texture... detail... nostalgia... 

Want to hear a funny little tale?

There once was this lovely little woman, who loved 'things'. Some may have called her a hoarder. But not me. I always liked to call this quirk - emotive collecting - a search for the story and nostalgia in every little detail. 

This little lady had worked in a local school for many, MANY years. And over that time she had seen some beautiful, old pieces of history thrown out with the rubbish. World maps, old wooden rulers, wooden toys and beautiful picture books... all thrown away in the name of progress. This form of waste and extravagance always made the little lady sad. 'Why throw well made, usable objects in the rubbish, just because there is no room for them in our 21st century computerised classrooms?'. 
What to do? What to do...
A plan HAD to be made to save these objects from the skip.
So one night, the little lady decided to wait till everyone had gone home for the day, load up the car, and take the nostalgic objects home - so she could sort and donate them to charities  - OR - give them to people who could give them another life, beyond the land fill rubbish heap.

So where is this little lady now?
She's still on her crusade.
And what items did the little lady save this week?
Colourful, little thimbles that mysterious tie in with the colour palette of my new woven form, that im working on in the studio this week! 
How's that for symmetry.

New woven form... March 2013

2 comments: said...

Beautiful ...that's what they call serendipity!

trixi said...

...i love those thimbles...just like the ones we used at school