Monday, March 31, 2014

drawing inspiration

^detail from a mix media drawing... 2012^

New week.
New focus.
And it all started with my last post.

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of working with a group of high school art students - a class that had been organised by North Sydney Council - for their community art project entitled Colouring Our Habitat. 

Colouring Our Habitat is a project that asks artists' to work with a local school or community groups to initiate and spark ideas for the main event - which is to design and paint three murals for three traffic light boxes that already sit on the pavement but are never noticed, as they are painted in a dull grey/green tone. Which is a shame as they are the perfect blank canvas' for any artist to make their mark. 

So now its my turn to switch dull grey/green to....???

Ive been thinking about these designs for a while - but its only now - with a deadline looming that Ive started to become focused on what I would like to say, and create, with my three boxes. 

So on the weekend I did a reccy to North Sydney in order to collect information and take photos. 
These are a few of those photos - book-ended by two colourful photos that I love, and may appear in one of the final designs. 

As you can see from these images - North Sydney is a corporate business district with the buildings reflecting that look, with clean lines and shiny surfaces. And grey. ALOT of grey - that is only broken up in Autumn and Spring when the trees turn a golden hue. 

So Im thinking about colour. LOTS of colour for my designs. 
To add contrast and a shock of the new! 
Plus I dont think I could do anything without colour in it! 
Not willingly anyway.

(To be continued....)

^the search for pattern in street objects^

^ negative spaces and unexpected shapes ^

^ Autumn gives colour to all the grey ^

^shadow play ^

^ lines and shapes when looking ... up! ^

^ colour found ^

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