Monday, July 7, 2014

the nocturne 528

^Banumbirr, Mixed Media drawing on Paper, 2013^

I swear it feels like a year since my last blogpost! 
So much has happened... 
And most of it centred squarely on my exhibition that opens in a couple of weeks time.

One of the most important things on my list was to commit to an exhibition title and find an image that best describes this new body of work that Ive been quietly creating these past two years. 
So... not an easy task!

As the theme of this new body of work is Quantum Mechanics I settled on The Nocturne 528 for the title- and this mixed media drawing (above) for the cover art.

I mean - abstract theories/abstract artwork. I think they marry. The deep indigo of this drawing speaks of what lies above our heads... and the energy and particles, atoms, stars and space that constantly move, shape, connect and inspire us. And the title speaks of the night sky and the sound (528 Hz) or note that promotes energy and healing. Full on concepts I know. But last year I did a bit of reading and research and its amazing how much we are yet to discover - about energy - and the Universe. 

So the invitations have gone out, the works on paper have been delivered to the framers. 
And im in the studio finishing off a few last pieces.

Below is a sneak peek of a few of the works that will be in the show. 
And in the next few weeks Ill be posting more images on instagram and here on this tiny blog! 
I swear ... I will be back! Soon! 

In the meantime I hope you're all well and warm and enjoying some lovely sunshine wherever you maybe sitting in the world.

take care

^ Mosaic Connections (detail), mixed media on board, 2013^
^Mix Media coil weaving, 2014^

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