Tuesday, January 20, 2015

n e w

New year. New exhibition. New series of works. New art space for sydney.

Happy new year everyone.
Oh it feels like FOREVER since Ive been on this little blog.
Too much has been happening - on both sides of the pendulum - and I know I  was just holding on by the ends of my fingertips in December. Time had a mind of its own and however I tried to slow things down and really concentrate on one task at a time - I knew things were going to happen of their own accord - and I had to let go. 

But now its 2015.
A year that holds so much excitement and promise.

And to start things off on a creative note, I have just come back from a week of teaching at Sturt College in Mittagong which was amazing as always. I will post some of those images in the coming days as I still have to go through them all. I had such a great class, with each person creating the most beautiful series of drawings and coil woven artworks...  

But today I have a new group exhibition to announce. 
A few months ago the lovely Amber Creswell -Bell, a writer from Sydney, asked me and nine other painters, designers, photographers and ceramicists to participate in a concept show for a new space in Paddington in Sydney. Along with our work Amber and the director of the gallery, Kitty, will be exhibiting some beautiful plant-life. 

So I know it will be a colourful, textural and inspiring show. 
What a way to start the year ...

New palette and new ideas for this series that focused on garden life and the energy that exists in
green spaces.

This drawing feels like a cross over piece - from the work for my solo show in August to this series about nature.

Lots of words.... lots of ideas.
After visiting The Botanical Gardens I wrote a poem and then threaded it through a few of the drawings.

While I was working in the studio at the end of last year there were some amazing storms
that hit Sydney.... and that energy seems to have found its way into this drawing.

Lots of energy... that will hopefully translate into lots of happy play, travel and  adventure for 2015!

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