Monday, February 15, 2016

still life

Interesting when your life becomes still.
Doesn't happen very often these days - especially if you live in the city.
Even most conversations are fast paced and fleeting.

On those very odd occasions when you do catch yourself sitting quietly and watching the world go by  - its lovely to stop and notice what beautiful and often ordinary objects catch your eye.

A shadow on the floor, a fleck of light catching the rim of a cup, the breeze moving a towel that has just come back from the beach...

In the last few months ive been slowing down my thoughts in the studio and doing warm up sketches of the object that lie around me. And ive loved the process.

Its amazing the pleasure that you can get from just quietly sketching a few objects as they wait for you to use them....

a family portrait. December 2015

Lekythos. 2016

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