Tuesday, April 12, 2016

floating thoughts

Light. Floating. Transparent. 
Like the wind...

As I draw closer to my exhibition in September Im now starting to narrow in on the themes and thoughts that I would like to have running through this new collection of artworks. 

As you can see... one big theme is emerging.
That of the sky, wind, and the thoughts, dreams, words and emotions that transparently float through the air...

On Sunday I went to see a beautiful exhibition at S.H Ervin gallery on Observatory Hill in The Rocks. And as I left I went for a walk through the grass and just looked up. And the clouds were forming the most amazing patterns. 

I was transfixed. 
And felt like I could float anywhere.
What a lovely feeling that is....

Floating through the ether. 2015

hold.keep.cup 2016

floating world.2016

transparent parallels. 2016

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