Monday, June 1, 2009

A lovely gift

came my way last week while de-installing an exhibition at Gaffa Gallery ...

It was this beautiful pink pin brooch from the brilliant jeweller Melinda Young! I love when things seem to be made for you ... Thank you so much Mel...It was such a surprise and in a way felt like serendipity - as in the Make _Over exhibition at Gaffa I had exhibited a little Owl work as part of my Friedrich Series!
But this little pink owl is part of her Pink Thread Series that you can have a look at on her blog called 'Take a ball of Thread'. Its a great blog and the pieces she has created have been exhibited at some of the best galleries such as Pablo Fanque in Sydney and Craft Victoria in Flinders Lane.
Speaking of which I should mention the sad news that Pablo Fanque contemporary jewellery and craft gallery in Sydney closed its doors on Saturday (30 May). It was a sad day for the jewellery community that were upset to see this great space close its doors after such a short time. In its brief period on the Sydney gallery circuit Pablo truly established itself as a place that believed in promoting the emerging contemporary craft scene. With many artists from around Australia showing a diverse and truly inspiring mix of intricate hand made pieces, the community will miss the opportunity to see such a collection.
And it begs the question - Where to now for the many artists that are now without a representative gallery in this city? Will another gallery be able to fair the economic climate and brave the hard real estate condtitions in the inner city? Time will tell... Makes you appreciate the fantastic galleries and artist-run spaces that continue to bring us brilliant exhibitions!
Speaking of which there an opening at Metalab Gallery on the 4 June.... Enjoy!

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