Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bhutan! Bhutan?!!!

Yes... Bhutan. A country I would LOVE to travel to and a place that completely fascinates me...
And it popped into my head today!
And why?
I have no idea but the colours of the Buddhist robes and the histories of the culture there are at the forefront of my thoughts today!!

Strange I know.... But sometimes I do wake up with thoughts of places and colours - and I guess because im in a highly creative time at the moment - things that excite my imagination and creativity just pop up in my head.... I guess a lot of artists/writers/creative types have these moments of insight/intuition/inspiration but rarely talk about it! I guess its hard to articulate sometimes and also difficult to remember unless you write them all down or act on them!

Well Im not jumping on a plane anytime soon BUT I have gone searching for some inspirational shots that I love and that remind me of Buddhist cultures and colours...

One favourite is the work of photographer Steve McCurry...
Oh the textures, colours, the faces.... I love love love his images....
There is a great quote that he has on his site by Hans Hofmann:
In nature light creates the colour. In the picture colour creates the Light.
Hope you enjoy them too...and that your week is proving insightful and inspiring on some level!!

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