Friday, July 31, 2009

What a lovely night!!!

Thank you to everyone who came last night to the opening of Le Fil... It was a really really great crowd and every one was supportive and had a good time!!! {Well I hope they did!}
I had a great night and was the people that came in and had a good look around that make it all worth while.... sooooo.....THANK YOU !!

On another note....I realised that after I posted my wednesday piece on the show I forgot to mention one of my favourite artists in the exhibition...Miss Meggs Yeo!!

We first exhibited together + meet when we were part of a group exhibition called Through the eye of the Needle, which was the first thread themed show that Kath curated last year...
I immediately liked Meggs' work and was lucky enough to do an artists swap with her! Which is one of the only great perks to the job of being/or trying to be an artist!!
Two of the works from that show are posted above....

Her work is about undercover activism/terrorism in the name of country+ the protection of ones own culture...
Her work then becomes more interesting and complex when she interplays these themes with notions of craft and more specifically needlepoint!!! Guerrilla vs Grandma!! I love it!

Above I have shown you two images from her latest series ...called Midsummer Murders(Tea Cosie Terror) 2009 and they are cross stitch on printed fabric. Again it is looking at the mild mannered couple that have high tea and polite chatter ... while covering up a sinister underbelly.

This work of good ol'Queenie is from the group show Queen and Country that Meggs curated earlier this month... Artists were asked to respond to the subject of being a subject...of the crown!! Meggs again has a laugh with the whole idea and produces some interesting images!....

And that is the best thing about this doesnt take itself too seriously... all important to try and attempt now and again if you're involved in the arts industry methinks!!

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