Thursday, August 6, 2009

Anyone feel like becoming a cobbler?!!

No I haven't lost me mables....Mable!
I'm just commenting on an article that was in the SMH last week that I want to share with you all...just in case you didn't see it and are at all interested in the state of teaching in the arts and crafts sector... in NSW...

A little article entitled 'Shoe course may be given the boot' drew my attention last Thursday - and it wasn't because of the beautiful image of Jodie Morrison in her Leichhardt studio... It was the tragic story that accompanied it! It now seems that the Ultimo TAFE is going to stop its 2 year shoe making course which happens to be the only one available in this state!! So so sad if this is the case... as it means that another craft will be lost in this city and all the techniques and years of experience that these teachers + mentors bring... A friend of mine is half way through the course and commented that its been a fantastic craft to learn about...and be a part of as it is a small community of people that know how to tool leather and create a beautiful pair of hand made shoes...

Oh the hand made crafts in this city!!

We are losing you!!

One shoemaker that has seen this hole in the teaching market is Andrew MacDonald! As part of Sydney Design 09 he has created a one on one course in his studios ... And if you have been in his little shop surrounded by all his beautiful hand crafted shoes in William st Paddington, you will know that this is a special opportunity!! It may be expensive - and on for a limited time... But if you're keen to discover how make your own shoes and be part of this crafting community... I would jump!


I love these beauties... from the ready to wear 2009 collection by MacDonald called 'Mimi'...!

And finally ....

Another little syd design09 note to finish off with... Pecha Kucha is on TONIGHT! Its at Carriageworks at 6:30pm and its a tenner on the door... Should be interesting as always as artists and designers present a tiny (6 minute) powerpoint presentation on their work using only 20 images... like speed dating but without all the awkward silences+glances!!

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