Thursday, September 24, 2009

Invasion of the playful prisms...

What is it with prism installations at the moment??
I was finally able to have a good look at the new solo exhibition Outfield by Mikala Dwyer @Rosyln Oxley Gallery... and what do I find but more pyramids! It was funny to see these installation works after writing about Anish Kapoor's show on the other side of the world...
Is there a new wave of cosmic and comical works in contemporary art at the moment? Im not sure of the catalyst, but after reading Mikala's press release I am still none the wiser... !

Case in point:

Mikala Dwyer’s installation, Outfield, is a giant cosmological circle – a psychic fortress – of assemblages constructed via the process of addition and subtraction, a numerical sequence. It articulates a habitable realm – a place of refuge. The Moon, The Sun. Totems, money to buy one’s way, magnetic forces, light, dirt, noise, letters from the dead.

Understand all that???

If you do.... please leave me a comment and let me know!

All I know is that Mikala's work is about playful fun and the child within us all which she brings out through installations that use as many materials and textures as possible...and I love that! Mikala seems to not take herself too seriously and in a gallery such as Roslyn Oxley, I find that concept.... refreshing.
When I visit Roslyn's gallery tucked up there in Paddo I have to admit that occasionally the exhibitions loose me at 'hello'! It is a space that represents artists' that are at a certain point in their careers where they can go to other worlds with their thoughts and art works - and not think too seriously of the public and their aesthetic wants and needs...

I guess Mikala sort of fits the bill when it comes to 'other worlds' in her thought processes, but at least the work is fun and colourful!!

Im happy...

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