Monday, September 14, 2009

something old...something new....

Where has the week gone!!! I feel like I wrote an entry only yesterday and its now nearly a week!!! It has flown....with beautiful hot weather...{where I became a lizard}, a visit to my old high school where I was asked to open their annual art show! {very funny}, and another birthday was celebrated {where my favourite banana cake with lemon icing was sought out!}

But its now a new week and more events to announce as Spring is in full swing!

For the something 'old' there is the event called re threads that is being presented by Carriageworks, The Clothing Exchange + the radio stations 2SER and Fbi.... Its a brilliant concept that ties in nicely with the new spirit of recycling + exchanging.... On Sat Sept19 from 10am -5pm at Carriageworks re threads is expecting 2000 people to come down and swap clothes, music and books with no money in sight!

Swap meets in the States have always been big, but in this country we have always embraced markets... But this event is truly of our times and is encouraging a whole new generation of people to see consumerism in a new light!

Well worth a look.... and a listen.... as the brilliant Monsieur Camembert will be playing!

Ok....for the something 'new'...we have a new festival!
As part of the ever expanding schedule for Art + About this October , The festival of Dangerous Ideas has just been announced. On the weekend of Oct 3-4 The St James Ethics Centre and the Sydney Opera House will present this festival of ideas that will be truly amazing! I worked with a lovely person at Object called Mandie last year and she unfortunately left us to work at The St James Ethics Centre... and now I see why she would be perfect there!
Its a place of critical thinking and this festival is something that Sydney has yet to fully embrace until now... It will consist of nothing but critcal talks and panel discussions by some of the most important thinkers of our time...
Some of the events that interest me are Dead AID: Why aid is not working and how there is another way for Africa by Dambisa Moyo... for a serious look at the problems that plague Africa + for something alittle lighter... People with Flat screen tvs should stop whinging about Capitalism will be a panel discussion that should prove to be popular with the masses!...

But the schedule of events is huge... and wide ranging..... and im sure there will be something for everyone as they have tried to make it reach a wider scope than just an artsy or high end crowd!


Corinne said...

Glad you had a good birthday! Did you know that the guy in Monsiuer Camembert is married to the girls' music teacher? Mark Harris. Mark & Tina are doing a brilliant kids show in October filled with jazz called Lah Lah

Want to come with us??

Mark & Tina were also hanging out with my Dad at Magnetic Island Jazz festival last weekend.

Small world!

michele aka the tiny said...

very small world!
Yeah I might like to come to that!... when is it??? Your dad and the jazz world... two peas in a pod!! I did have a lovely birthday...thank you so much for coming..x